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The Chief Data Officer's Playbook

I've just finished it and would like to recommend it to any CDO, or any CEO, struggling on where to start. 

CDOs generally face a pretty tough challenge,simultaneously reducing data-related risks whilst leading the business towards a more enlightened world. All whilst trying to establish themselves in the management team, make a case for funding, and not take personal accountability for every problem everywhere! 

The CDO Playbook provides an excellent introduction to this challenge. Systematically taking the reader through all of the different facets of the role, and describing how priorities should change over time (between first and second generation CDOs). The book provides a business-led perspective and is careful to explain any technical terminology. It won't tell you exactly what to do (it is not a manual), but it will get you thinking in all of the right areas. Well done to Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson.

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