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The Oakland Institute for Business Research and Education

Innovation and staying at the forefront of knowledge has never been more crucial to the continuing success of any business.  The Oakland Institute is the business research and education division of the Oakland Group,  developing leading-edge thinking and insights to help embed real organisational change in today’s world.  Working in close alliance with our strategic partner, Leeds University Business School, and other business schools across Europe and in the Far East, we carry out rigorous, yet highly pragmatic research dedicated to the development of management thinking and organisational learning.  The practical application of this research has led to highly adaptable approaches and evidence-based best practices on what to do and how to do it, enabling the Oakland community to get the best outcomes for themselves and their organisations. 

The Oakland Institute continues to drive a high-impact research agenda that is tackling real world issues and developing approaches that can be deployed by organisations around the world. 

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