• Office of the CDO – When you set out on your digital or data journey, establishing the office of the Chief Data Officer can be a key step for building the right foundations for success. We can support your CDO with all of the challenges and opportunities presented by your journey, providing a pragmatic ‘check list’ to ensure structure whilst retaining the agility to adapt to the wider organisations’ priorities.
  • Enterprise Data Governance - Introducing and establishing data governance within large, complex organisations with legacy systems, processes and governance can be a tough gig. Our team are able to call upon a range of methodologies and technologies to develop the right approach for your specific needs.

Data Quality

  • Data Quality Firewalling - When good businesses spot defects in their products they understand the impact to the customer and stop shipping them. We help you do the same with your data. We are experts in assessing the quality of processes and their underlying data, and understand when to 'firewall' your data and processes. Stop sending incorrect invoices now!
  • Data Quality Impact Assessment - Manual processes are often rife with poor quality data. Understanding the cost of poor quality data is critical and we target the most important areas of poor quality through our Data Quality Impact Assessment. Quality is in our DNA and we understand the importance of building quality into the fabric of your data.
  • Data Quality Improvement – Identifying and targeting data quality issues is one thing. Building plans to improve that quality is different. We take a risk based approach to data quality interventions, focusing only on the data that really matters. We believe in practical, pragmatic routes through the maze of data quality to ensure that the improvements really help your business.
  • Data and operations maturity assessment -  Sometimes you need a much broader view of how well your data is structured and performing in relation to how well your organisation is structured and performing! We carry out business wide structured maturity assessments focused on your data and operation, enabling you to target your data projects on areas that will make genuine improvements to your business.

Advanced Analytics

  • Complex enterprise modelling and simulation – We all know that sometimes seeing is believing! Before you invest in your next data led change, consider what the ‘new you’ might look like. We can model complex operational scenarios to evaluate the impact on processes, people and information, simulating the art of the possible before it becomes the new ‘business as usual’.
  • Data Error prediction – Fixing data errors after they’ve corrupted your processes? Surely there’s a better way. We use machine learning to predict error rates in key data sets, highlighting where the problems might occur before they do, whilst saving you time.
  • Dark Data Exploration – You probably collect massive amounts of unstructured data through the pursuit of daily business activities. Being able to tap into the value of this data and derive insight can be tricky - especially when it's unstructured, poorly formatted and stored in multiple locations. We run 'dark data' exploration projects, through ingestion to insight, using machine learning and advanced analytics to drive out hidden value to aid critical decision making.
  • Process Insights and Automation – From our quality and process heritage through to our new Analytics team, we have been developing process excellence for years. We target the key areas of your business that will benefit from process automation and build solutions using our own platform to remove legacy manual interventions and create process insight.
  • Process, Data and Systems integration – Embarking on your next big data led transformation? Success comes from integrating business level process, data and systems so that you can understand the flow of data through your organisation and the systems it touches. We can help visualise this so it’s easy to track the interactions and target where better integration is needed. Our teams are highly skilled at bringing these components together to guide your transformation programme to success.
  • Process optimisation – Business intelligence is critical for optimising even the most manual of processes these days. We combine our process improvement experience and data science skills to spot the areas ripe for data driven optimisation.
  • Digital Transformation – What do we really love doing? Our passion is combining all our skills to create and deliver data centric, business wide transformation and change. We work incredibly closely with our clients to align people, process and data strategy, drawing upon technical skills, process talents and behavioural science to drive positive change.

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